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Our Mission

      Frank and Leo have been in the industry for 11 years in an effort to be a part of a profession that expresses an immense desire to improve people's health and well-being. As lifelong health athletes, they have always been fascinated with corrective biomechanics, human performance, and longevity. Their desire for knowledge over the years compounded as they endowed in fields such as rehabilitative training, homeopathic therapies, and working with chiropractic and physical therapy practices to better understand the full spectrum of physiological health.

    Our background consists of over 22 CEU certifications in neuromuscular, kinesiology, and motor pattern/sports injury therapies. Leo and Frank are State accredited  Massage therapy instructors and over the years have developed our own homeopathic bodywork technique that bridges the gap between massage therapy and physical therapy in order to bring the pain relief results our clients deserve.

      With a B.A.S. Degree in nutrition and physiology, Leo and Frank educate our therapists to give healthy recommendations that align with healthy muscle function. They aim to leave no stone unturned as they venture on this mission to improve lives through our company’s vision for full-spectrum health.

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